How to Bulk Up with P90X for Skinny Guys!

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Also, be sure to checkout my most recent post: Does P90X work for skinny guys? I think this post will really help you to clear up some of the most common misconceptions about the P90X program.

How to Bulk Up with P90X for Skinny GuysWhen it comes to the P90X program, a lot of people think that the P90X is a weight loss program. Sure, the P90X workout program can and will help people lose weight, but you can also use the program to build muscle mass. And no, I’m not talking about a little bit of muscle mass. You can use the P90X program to get huge, and I am going to teach you how.

To get big with the P90X program, you have to do 2 things:

  1. You must alter the program to turn it into a “mass building” program.
  2. You must get your nutrition dead on! Period!

Alter P90X to a Mass Building Program:

I think it’s extremely important to discuss why we should alter the P90X program to our “hardgainer” body type. You should definitely alter the program if you’re skinny, and looking to gain mass. In this section, I give you my P90X mass building workout schedule, the criteria for my schedule, the original P90X schedule, and finally, I tell you why I made the mass building schedule the way that I did.

Why alter the program?

If you really want to build muscle, and gain a good amount of weight, you need to cut the cardio completely out of the program. With P90X standard, you would be doing 2 cardio sessions per week, plus yoga. Plyometrics and Kenpo X along with Yoga will burn all of the extra calories that your body will need in order for you to put on mass. If you really want to make gains, you will cut cardio out of the equation until you reach a weight you are happy with.

My P90X mass building workout plan:

The workout plan that I have below is the best way to alter the P90X program so you can gain mass. Of course, there is also a whole second set of discs that have completely different workouts, but the following setup will get you going for the first few weeks. Feel free to switch things up, but be sure to meet my criteria below.

  • Sunday – Off
  • Monday –  Chest / Back / Abs
  • Tuesday – Shoulders / Arms
  • Wednesday – Legs / Abs
  • Thursday – Chest / Back
  • Friday – Shoulers / Arms / Abs
  • Saturday – Off

Criteria for my P90X mass building workout routine

  1. Abs are every other day.
  2. 72 hours before working the same muscle group again.
  3. “Legs and Back” day becomes “Legs” day due to Mon. + Thu. back workouts.
  4. Doubled up on Chest + Back and Shoulders + Arms exercises.

The original P90X schedule, minus the cardio and yoga

  • Sunday – Off
  • Monday –  Chest / Back / Abs
  • Tuesday – Off
  • Wednesday – Shoulders / Arms / Abs
  • Thursday – Off
  • Friday – Legs / Back / Abs
  • Saturday – Off

Why I made the plan the way I did

Our whole goal here is to build muscle mass, and no longer be skinny. My first goal was to cut the cardio out of the program. After I had the cardio cut out, I knew that we could do more than 3 days of weight training a week, especially when most of our muscle groups were only being worked out once in a week with the original system.

With my improved schedule you will not overwork your muscles, because I allow for 72 hour resting periods before working the same muscle groups again. Although the original routine (minus the cardio and yoga) will work, for quicker results, I recommend following the improved routine.

You Must Get the Nutrition Dead On! Period!

This isn’t going to be a very long section, but you need to know that if you’re going to make gains, you need to eat big. If you don’t eat big, you may as well quit now, before you bust your hump for nothing!

If you’re not eating enough of the right foods at the right times, you’re not going to make any gains, period! In fact, if I have my nutrition right, I could make more gains working out 2 days a week, than someone who does not have their nutrition right, but works out 5 days a week.

Let me repeat: If I have my nutrition right, I could make more gains working out 2 days a week, than someone who does not have their nutrition right, but works out 5 days a week.

If you want to build mass with P90X or any mass building program, you need to eat 6 meals a day @ 2.5 hour spread between each meal. You will also need 500 extra calories per day than your body needs to maintain weight.

500 excess calories daily * 7 days a week = 3,500 calories = 1 pound a week

P90X Is Not Just for Overweight People.

You know what really grinds my gears? When people in stupid forums don’t have a clue what they are talking about. You can build muscle and get buff with P90X…. Even if you are skinny. You just have to alter the program, and eat correctly to do so.

Yes. Crazy forum posters. You are right. The standard P90X program with Plyometrics, Kenpo X, and Yoga X is bad for people who are trying to gain mass. (Unless they consume enough calories to compensate for Plyo, Kenpo, and Yoga).

But if skinny people want to gain weight using the P90X program, don’t tell them that it’s impossible, because you’re totally lying if you do. It’s 100% possible to get buff… even if you are skinny, by following the P90X program, as long as you make the proper modifications.

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